Baie-D’Urfé Facebook Group “House Rules”

The Baie-D’Urfé Our Town Facebook Group was created to facilitate the exchange of information and opinions about life in Baie-D’Urfé. Membership is open to all current residents, one-time residents or individuals with a legitimate interest in the affairs of the town. It has been a considerable success and membership is growing daily.

For a long time anyone seeking to join the group has been asked to answer a couple of simple question to ascertain if they are residents etc (see above). About a third of people seeking to join have not answered those questions – we have been gentle with them and usually given them the benefit of the doubt. Henceforth we will no longer offer membership to anyone who does not supply us this basic information.

Otherwise the rules are very simple:

  • Be polite, be calm, be helpful.
  • If you make a statement of fact it is expected to be verifiable and not supposition or otherwise inflammatory. No personal attacks or ad hominem comments will be permitted.
  • In general we don’t encourage commercial material or invitations from enterprises based outside the town and not owned by residents. We do allow occasional posts from local companies offering services to local people and from residents promoting such personal and occasional things as garage sales etc. If in doubt, please ask.
  • We welcome event announcements from town-related clubs and interest groups.
  • The final rule is, of necessity, subjective. Comments on council decisions or policies or town life in general are very much encouraged, subject to their being in accord with the first two rules above. ** However, we do not favour prolonged exhortations to members to take particular political or unduly controversial positions on issues and reserve the right, at our discretion, to limit comment on threads that are not felt to be helpful. This group is determinedly non-partisan and while each member will have their own positions on many issues this platform cannot unduly be seen to promote one argument over another and aims for balance in conversations. **Note: This last rule may be relaxed judiciously during the official campaign period prior to future town elections or plebiscites etc. or when council or groups of residents are otherwise seeking the the contributions and thoughts of members who are resident in the town. So long as discussion is calm and respectful we do want to be flexible and are not seeking to  censor anyone unless pushed so to do. If you are running a campaign we suggest that you consider creating your own FB group or website – you are then perfectly welcome to post here to make members aware of its existence. Announce your meeting to the group and then make your pitch to those who attend.

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