Bertold Park – Allocation of Funding

A correspondent present at last night’s special council meeting sent the following summary of proceedings:

The purpose of the meeting was to approve an allocation to be used as required for the early surveillance of the by-laws for dogs in Bertold park in order to send a message to the users which include also non-residents that the Town is serious about its by-laws. 

Surveillance will be adjusted on a week by week basis starting the first week of November. It is probable that much of the use will be in Spring when usage is higher than in winter. A maximum amount of $50K (going also into 2019) was approved. 

The approach for surveillance was based on the comments of citizens which include mainly non-dog-owners but also local dog owners and their association who have equally been active in trying to advise people of the proper usage. The vote was in favour of the surveillance budget with one councillor voting against (councillor Beauchamp). 

The overall plan will not only include a shared area for the smaller part of the total Bertold Park area for the Canine Recreational Area (CRA), but furthermore the consultation and planning for the entire park namely the Family park side as well. The intent is to have a full plan for the Spring. It should be noted that the fact of having a CRA to one side in no way interferes with the fact that the main part will be planned for the Family park aspects. Both aspects will be considered.

It should also be noted that just like the Town Hall park shoreline stabilization, Bertold Park will also undergo a shoreline stabilization as an entity (again not a specific project for the CRA but shoreline stabilization that is required for the entire area).

As for future expenses of setting up a CRA it would be similar to setting it up elsewhere and therefore the overly-focused comments just due to a shared compromise option with the intent of this part of citizens also enjoying a very small waterfront as all others, is no different than the Town ‘s current and past contributions to other activities used by specific segments of the population including non-residents that are members of the various local clubs and activities. The costs of the entire park plans including both areas will be developed over the winter also based on input for the family part. 

There are still many areas to be defined both in terms of surveillance and enforcement (in a neutral and professional manner) as well final plans whether for the CRA or the rest of the family park. The meeting in question was simply for the approval of a surveillance budget to be used as required based on usage which will of course be low in winter and start up again in the Spring. 

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