Yesterday Canada Post delivered a “Citizen Survey” from the Town’s Parks and Recreation Committee to town addresses asking for comments about the future of Bertold Park outside the new dog facility. HOWEVER, we have learned that quite a few addresses did not receive it for one reason or another … quite possibly because a no-flyer sticker on yoour mailbox would have meant the mail carrier was not allowed to leave it, or because the thiing looked so like any other advertising leaflet that it was overlooked and binned (that almost happened in Citizen Marat’s household. (Addendum: late morning Monday – it is now available on the town website and a MailChimp has been sent to subscribers)

Anyway – all is not lost – the short questionnaire is available online at … you are asked to complete it by 11 February.

Right, that’s the public service part of this website’s mandate finished with – now for some suggestions to get the discussion started based on some phone calls CM has received in the last 24 hours.


– as you will know a lot of people in the town have advocated for better skating facilities in the winter and many have asked that a long-season refrigerated rink be seriously considered. Bertold Park has a temporary rink each winter so perhaps this would be a perfect opportunity to ask the town once again to investigate the options of making this a quality refrigerated rink that would markedly extend the recreaitonal facilities for townsfolk now thjat climate change is working hard to minimise the length of the season.

… and maybe a SKATING TRAIL?

– another facility that has been talked about is to create a winter skaiting trail. Whetehr or not the park vecomes home to a refrigerated rink or continues with something similar to what we have at the moment, a non-refrigerated skating trail around the park in the winter wouold be welcomed by many, many residents and be simple to install and maintain.

How about some NATURE and BIODIVERSITY?

– Meanwhile in the summer months CM finds there to be something sadly lacking in the park. During the last year of back and forth over the provision of dog facilities much was said about the “beauty” of the park and its “natural environment” etc. But just look at it – certainly it is green (in colour) but most of that green-ness is decidedly unnatural, sterile, closely mowed grass which is not at all the image that certain contributors seemed to have. There is a growing movement in this and other countries to make public parks more ecologically diverse and natural with the installation of biodiverse native plantings of flowers and shrubs that are beautiful to look at and support populations of butterflies, pollinator insects and birds. For example, look at this: for inspiration and check out the facilities created by our Pointe-Claire neighbours in and aorund Terra-Cotta Park. WHY do we have to have close-cut grass deserts when everything could be so much more pleasant? A chance for Baie-D’Urfé to lead the way again. We have a small and successful milkweed planation on Stafford for monarch butterflies that is maturing very well and interesting to see – here is a chance to take that concept for park design and management and to do much more.

What do you want?
Do you have other ideas?

Don’t leave it to others to create their vision of the park, make sure your ideas are consideread by the council as well. NOTE … this page and the town Facebook page are for sharing ideas – you must still complete the town’s questionnaire to have your suggestions considered by the council

5 thoughts on “BERTOLD PARK (NOT About dogs)”

  1. I am no longer a resident of Baie d’Urfe, but my heart belongs there!
    Please, whatever you do, DO NOT disturb, remove, the little memorial garden that surrounds the flag pole. It was created in honour and memory of my dad, T.R. Lee, former Mayor of Baie d’Urfe, who in fact was responsible for the flag pole coming to the town. He, with his family, for many years, lived on the Lakeshore, DIRECTLY across from the park.

  2. For winter: skating rink. For summer/fall: picnic tables, ping pong table, splash pad, bathroom facilities. Great for families and community.

  3. For winter: skating rink For summer/Fall: park with picnic tables, outdoor ping pong table, a splash pad with bathroom facilities. Would be great for families, especially for those who do not register for the BD pool access or have no time to go during the ‘free swimm’ hours offered at the pool cuz of working parents.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions – please also go to the town questionnaire as they won’t necessarily see this “unofficial” page (they probably will but who knows)

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