Contact the Town Hall & Your Councillors

Do you want to send a letter to the Town Hall and the Councillors? Here is a very simple means to do so that saves you the bother of looking up and copying all the necessary email addresses:

Click this link to  Auto generate an email to Town Hall that is pre-addressed to all councillors – then simply insert your message, adjust the subject line to suit and send it off


If you prefer to write and send a paper/print copy then your letter must be  addressed  to the
Baie D’Urfé Town Council and mailed or dropped off at:
Baie-D’Urfé Town Hall, 20410, chemin Lakeshore. Baie-D’Urfé (Québec), Canada, H9X 1P7

** Note: your letter MUST be addressed to the TOWN COUNCIL and not just the mayor and councillors or it may not be tabled.

** This letter and the enclosed link is also available on this site’s “Resources” page where it will be easy to locate in the future

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