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What is this website about?

We are here to support the almost 50% of voters in the 2017 municipal election who wanted independent councillors running our affairs.

Only a few citizens ever will, or can, attend council meetings but this does not mean that those who do not attend  are unconcerned with town affairs and do not have a contribution to offer. Information is key – formal minutes are published too long after decisions are made and contain only the barest of bones of what happened while the too brief summaries in News and Views are delayed by the publication schedule and, again, miss out much of relevance.

Baie-D’Urfé deserves better, up to date, means of rapid communication and exchange of views in the town by use of social media, creation of a town on-line forum and more responsive use of the website. Mature, free and open discussion on matters that affect all citizens must be facilitated and made available to everyone that wants to participate.

Detailed background documents should always be openly available to citizens prior to decisions being made at public council meetings.

Decisions – and the reasons they have been made – should be available within no more than seven days of each meeting. Live streaming of council meetings or the preparation of audio podcasts, as are offered by some of our neighbours, is highly desirable.

Until such time as the above are instituted, Citizen Marat and his co-conspirators will keep those residents who are interested up to date on what is going on in our town.

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