Council Meeting 11 December 2018

Two back-to-back council meetings were held in 11 December. The first to adopt the budget for 2019 followed by a regular meeting of council.

A summary of the matters discussed can be downloaded by using the following link (note: click the file name to read the notes in your browser or the green button to download a copy for your records):

These notes include:

  • Details of the budget for 2019 and the taxes you will pay
  • Money set aside for the sound wall ($2,000,000) in 2019
  • Money set aside for improvements to the Town Hall in 2020 ($2,000,000)
  • Final, final, final plans approved for Bertold Park and the shared facilities 
  • Possibility of future childrens’ summer camps in town
  • Increased remunerations for councillors
  • … and LOTS more besides

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