Council Meeting 12 September 2017

A regular public meeting of the municipal council of Baie-D’Urfe was held at 19:30 on 12 September 2017. Following the special meeting held 12 days earlier this meeting was attended by about 75 members of the public and had to be relocated in order the fit everyone in – quite an unusual situation. No formal (or other) minutes or notes are expected to be communicated to the citizens of the town … which is where Citizen Marat steps forward once again to aid clarity, transparency and understanding.

Please read Marat’s notes here:



2 thoughts on “Council Meeting 12 September 2017”

  1. I support your sentiments at transparency and applaud your efforts at providing another voice other than the official version for the proceedings at council.
    I do not however understand how you can preach transparency while not identifying yourself to your readers.

  2. Thanks for your comments – I hope that most people will view this in the way you do.
    – I don’t put my name to this for three reasons … firstly this is about sharing information and not personalities, secondly because there is more than one person involved and lastly because I just don’t need the hassle as I am not running for election.
    – Worth noting that if anyone else wishes to add their interpretation of happenings at council meetings then I will be more than happy to share them through this medium … in fact, the more the merrier.

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