Draft Bylaw on Conduct of Meetings

In the notes from the council meeting held on 12 December it was recorded that the text of a new draft bylaw was published. This bylaw, if/when enacted will make several substantive changes to the way in which meetings are conducted – some good, some in need of justification if the exchanges on the town Facebook Group that are getting under way are anything to go by.

Anyway – so that everyone knows what this is about in a bit more detail here is a link to a PDF version of the draft that you might care to read through and think about.

BDU-draft bylaw meetings

The two items that are particularly being debated are:

  1. Why is the period prior to a meeting for the submission of correspondence being increased from 7 to 15 days?
  2. Why is Council proposing to refuse the tabling of correspondence from a resident who has not “made reasonable efforts to exhaust the administration’s remedies”?

The reason for #1 may be that this will give councillors more time to consider and respond but #2 while, on the face of it, appearing reasonable will have the effect of not resulting in public notification of an issue that other residents may be concerned or affected by should admin be able to solve it. CM is not taking a position on either of those but as the questions have been raised, let’s have a debate and bring questions to the next council meeting.

PS: Afraid the CM’s scanner, despite being set to legal size scanning, has insisted on missing the last couple of lines on each page. Apologies for that … if the  missing lines are important to you please approach the town hall.

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