Elections 2017 – Sharing the Platforms

Now that the nominations are closed and we have the full list of candidates standing for election to the council, it is time to make sure that everyone in the town knows who is who and what they stand for.

Of course, they will probably be knocking on doors and circulating flyer as well as being available at the Candidates Evening to answer some selected questions and show their faces … BUT we are in 2017 and we have the internet which, amongst other things, gives the possibility of lining everyone up side by side and comparing their platforms.

So … here’s an offer to all candidates:

We have created an empty web page for each candidate (see the Elections 2017 link in the menu above). It’s theirs to do with as they wish – we will publish your manifesto/platform with photographs and anything else you think the electorate ought to know about you. This is free and there will be no editing or editorializing on your personal page.

This format means that you will not be limited to the amount of text that fits on one side of a flyer – you can be as brief or as prolix as you like and expand on any theme you feel is particularly important. 

Please send your content by email to baiedurfecitizens@gmail.com and we will get it on your personal page within 24 hours.

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