Electoral Districts

Paul Egli has written a letter to the council for consideration and tabling at the council meeting on Tuesday 14 November.  It concerns the relative merits of ur present system of electing six councillors who represent everyone in the  town and the alternative – used almost everywhere else – of electing councillors to represent specific geographic areas in the town.

It is well worth reading – please click the following link to view it.
Nov2017 Letter to Mayor and Councillors

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One thought on “Electoral Districts”

  1. I like being able to vote for each councillor individually regardless of where he or she lives. We are a small homogenous community and interests are pretty similar. The “ward” system restricts everyone’s democratic right to vote for all the councillors they wish to represent their views. As for the time it takes to vote for all, my first reaction is “so”? I am sure those who died protecting our freedoms would find this a very “selfish” reason to whittle away at our democratic rights!

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