Highlights of Council Meeting 12 December 2017

A very interesting meeting of the council was held at Whiteside-Taylor on the evening of 12 December. Notes of what transpired can be viewed here and are also available from the Archives page of this website.

Of particular importance were the presentation of draft new bylaws changing some of the ways in which future council meetings will be conducted. Details are in the notes (see link) but especially important are the fact that letters for tabling will have to be submitted 15 days before a meeting (currently seven) and that personal audio and video recordings of meetings may be taken by citizens attending.

It was interesting to note (well. I inferred anyway) that this new council appears to be more willing to listen to comments form residents and to act on them. A number of the items on this meeting’s agenda that brought about, or will bring about, changes in the way we operate were amongst those advocated for by several of the independent candidates at the recent election. In other words, the squeaky wheel gets the oil – so be a squeaky wheel, don’t just grumble to yourself but let council know what you want.  What’s more, express your thoughts and gather support on the town Facebook group page because it is very clear that posts there are being monitored – it is more and more effective as each day passes.

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