How “Open” is the Site?

We have (already) been asked how open we are to a wide range of opinions. Just so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about this, here is the response we posted in the comments to an earlier entry:

(We are) Totally open … anyone can send a text to and it will be posted. Of course we have our own opinions – as you have deduced – but we are also committed to open discourse and as this is the only available forum in town we are making it available. Of course, we have the right to disagree with what you might say, or we might surprise you and agree, but we will do it openly and honestly and without resorting to ad hominems, of that you may be sure. Our platform, in as much as we have one at all, is that this town is in sore need of an open forum on the internet where all residents can discuss and exchange views. If the councillors are able to hear the views of everyone and not just the few who can come to meetings then their final decisions will be better informed than they might be otherwise. While we are on this theme, we strongly advocate for live-streaming of all public meetings … for the same reason.

By the way, if this site does end up airing the views of one group of citizens more than another it will be by default and only be because not everyone has taken advantage of the offer of space in this open forum that we are making available to the town.

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