Notes – Council Meeting 12 February 2019

Regrettably, Citizen Marat was unable to attend last night’s meeting on your behalf and a stand-in correspondent could not be recruited in time. Accordingly notes on the meeting are very sparse.

However, much of this months agenda related to “housekeeping” matters – with the exception of formal notification that the Councillor for Seat #4 (Michel Beauchamp) has had to resign his seat for health reasons. Everyone wishes him all the best for his recovery.

We have been given to understand by someone who was present that it was said the election for a new councillor (which we understand must be held within 4 months) will cost the town an estimated $100K. Inevitably, it probably costs as much to arrange an election for one seat as it does for 6 seats plus a mayor … nevertheless, it is earnestly hoped that this will not prevent the seat being contested properly. Filling a seat by acclamation might save money but is not ideal for democracy.

If anyone has more details of matters discussed last night please forward them to us to share here or add them as a comment at the foot of this post.

Normal service will be resumed in March.


Friday 15th: Councillor Gilpin put together some brief notes about the meeting – as follows:

Andrea Gilpin, Councillor/Conseillère, Baie-D’Urfé, Seat/Siège 55

Didn’t have a chance to attend the Public Council meeting on February 12th, 2019? Here is a partial summary of the meeting. The official Meeting Minutes will be up on the web site once approved after the next Council meeting in August. A gentle reminder that if there is a discrepancy, the Town’s official minutes supersede this summary. Bonne lecture.

The Mayor”s Report
• Tax bill sent out. Payable in two installments: first due Feb 25, 2019 and the second due May 27, 2019
• A solid majority of houses sold above evaluation last year (74/86) resulting in additional tax revenue for the Town
• Rescue squad helped Pointe Claire when water main had broken and citizen’s basements were flooding. The Rescue Squad continues supporting our community and is being recognized for their efforts outside of our Town.
• Mayor Tutino said a few words about Michel Beauchamp’s resignation from the Town Council and also mentioned some of his contributions since he became Councillor in 2013.

Councillor Lowensteyn reported that the PRAC has received 216 responses from all areas of Town. This represents greater than 15% of households.

DG Report & Varia
• Problems with ice formation on street some streets worse than others. With the freeze thaw cycles that we have experienced, the Town now needs to do an ice removal operation with special machinery. Once it reaches near zero this operation can begin (as of Feb 12 2019).
• Linguini is an ongoing file and during the course of the last week, the the owners reject the proposal from the Town and now the matter will be settled in court. 
• New website is launched! Easier to find information. Please go see it!
• Michel Beauchamp resigned from Council due to health reasons. The Town Clerk informed citizens that this will require a by-election. More news to come regarding timelines etc. The Town Clerk indicated that the by-election could be early in June possibly the 2nd but this needs to be approved by the powers that be a the provincial level.
• The cost of the by-election is anticipated to be $108,000. Approximately $50,000 is to run the actual election which would be the magnitude of a full election as the election will cover the entire town. The remainder is to hire individuals to perform the routine regular work that will run in parallel to the election preparations. This is quite a different situation from a typical election, where Council is suspended and the Town Clerk Department can focus all its efforts on the election. 
• The Town Clerk who was also Director of HR, has resigned from her HR duties to focus on the election and the HR responsibilities will now be temporarily managed by the DG.

• Two bidders submitted bids; however, only one qualified based on the submission criteria
• The one tender that did not qualify due to not having greater than 10 years experience
• The one company conformed will have three major objectives: 1) perform geotechnical work to determine the soli capacity, 2) to do the proper design of the Berm and 3) supervise the contractor who will be doing the work.

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