Parks and Green Spaces

Questions were asked at the council meeting on Tuesday about the availability of the consultants report on the future of parks and green spaces. It was “thought” that this might be available on the town website – it is not – however the PowerPoint summary used at the final (June) public meetings is now available.

The original version of the presentation shown at the earlier public meetings (March) before feedback was different to the final one but is useful to know about. You can download that version here:

2 thoughts on “Parks and Green Spaces”

  1. Nice, colourful inventory presentation, take it that there more is to come as read no Master Plan at all, no “beef”. Page 3 – park classification – under “Municipal Parks” is a photo of Weir Park baseball diamond yet on page 5 Weir park is classified as a “neighbourhood” park.
    If a neighbourhood park, what does that do for baseball and the need for a higher protective fence? I’m being selfish here, our area of town and fly balls on the lawn(s) and hitting our car in driveway every summer. Will be watching out for the “Master Plan”!

    1. To which, Bill, I would add that I am sick and tired of St-Andrews being reduced to a single lane road every summer weekend by dozens of cars parked along its length. If JW park doesn’t have adequate off road parking then events that attract large numbers of people should go elsewhere.

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