Placement of human and pet ashes.

The following letter on a sensitive and personal matter for many people has been sent to the Council by a citizen of Baie-DUrfé. It will be tabled at the Council meeting to be held on 12 March.

The writer has asked that the content of the letter be shared in advance with the residents of our town so that those interested or concerned might formulate their opinions on his proposal and share them if you so wish. The writer’s contact details are to be found below.


Feb 2nd, 2019 – Letter to: Baie-d’Urfe Town Council,

Subject: Placement of human and pet ashes.

Dear Mayor Tutino and councillors

Sometime in 2019 I will be getting the ashes of our daughter who died October 22nd 2018. Presently she is currently being examined by the “McGill Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.

I would like to propose that Baie-d’Urfe set aside one of the town’s vacant properties for the specific purpose of using it to bury loved one’s ashes in “Living Urn’s”.
(Please see attached information on Living Urn’s)

As more and more people are opting to be cremated, a personal choice in life, the challenge starts when the person or family who receives the ashes now has the dilemma as to where to put them if not already indicated in a will.

Quebec’s Bill 66 leaves this option of disposing or spreading of the ashes (human) wide open with very little guidelines in this area.

Baie-d’Urfe could be a pioneer in this area by setting aside land which presently has no practical use and assign the land where residents could go to deposit living urns there.

To make this even more attractive to our residents, Baie-d’Urfe could identify this area as a “Living Urn Grove” where ashes, both human and pets, are put into an urn specifically used to grow trees.

Where benches could be placed so families could go and reflect on the loved ones and view the scenery around them.

I have looked into this area of dealing with the ashes and have chosen this final resting opportunity for our daughter who died October 22, 2018 from GIST cancer.

I see it as a win-win situation for Baie-d’Urfe and our families. Families get to have a place to put “Living Urns” and the town gets some trees, specifically suited for our climate, for the idle land.

I would like to propose one of the two water front properties that Baie-d’Urfe owns for a start and if successful expand over to the second one. This way, the purchase of these two lots would become a superior asset for the town.

Before writing this letter I did a personal survey around town about this idea to see what opinions were out there that I hadn’t thought of and everyone thought that it was a great idea for our residents.

Here are some useful and informative links:

Living Urn Canada :
Quebec law 66:

Note; I do know of one Baie-d’Urfe family that has ashes in the basement with no final place to place them so I am pretty positive that there are other families with no option of a place to go.

I do realise that rules and regulation will be needed to be put in place so let’s take the first step in showing what other towns could do for their citizens in this growing area of need.

On the planting of Living Urns, I have been in contact with the Living Urn Canada and they would like to work with us to develop a viable Living Urn Grove that could be a showcase for other communities.

There is a growing need as CBC reports – “Fast-forward to today and more than 70 per cent of Quebecers opt for cremation. And in some cases, families may not know what to do with the ashes. We see ashes being abandoned in all sorts of places,”

Looking forward to your response

Bill and Ardeth Wexler
729 Victoria, Baie-d’Urfe, H9X 2L2
T; 514-457-9444
C: 514-928-9445

Living Urn Canada :
Quebec law 66:

2 thoughts on “Placement of human and pet ashes.”

  1. I will stick my neck out on this one (as I assume some may have an issue with it). I feel that it is wonderful, touching and amazing idea. This is my spontaneous reaction since it is a topic where I feel very much the same way as Bill and Ardeth who wrote the letter. Certainly a letter that is worth thinking about and considering.

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