Facing Us At Last

The first meeting of the new council will be held at WHITESIDE-TAYLOR on Tuesday 14 November at 19h30.

The location is a very good move … whether this is because they expect a larger than normal attendance or because this comes from a couple of the new councillors having promised us greater openness and a wish to be more “listening” in their new roles we don’t know. Welcome start however, very welcome and something that several of the independent candidates in the recent election had been working for. Seems someone has been listening.

The Council re-arranging the seating in the council chamber so that the Mayor and Councillors all sit facing the citizens is  a symbolic gesture, but a hugely important one, instead of continuing with the frankly disrespectful practice of sitting around the central table with their backs to the people they represent that prevailed prior to the election.

A welcome start – let’s hope this is the new normal.  Citizen Marat, for one, says thank you.

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