Should we be worried?

There’s a chemical plant on the industrial estate, a good corporate citizen by all accounts, that follows the safety rules assiduously. Certainly there have been no particular incidents over the years other than “solvent like” smells that many presume – and presumption is all it is – to come from the establishment.

There was an article in the local press a couple of years ago that you might like to read through:

Pay particular attention to the issue of the parked rail tankers. If, heaven forbid, there was an incident large parts of the residential area would be affected.

It’s probably fine, they seem to know what they are doing, but wouldn’t it be nice to know of our candidates at the election what their position is on this. Should, for example, the parking of full rail cars on a siding be permitted any longer? What exactly would happen if there was an accidental release or an explosion?

Quote: “If that happened, staying indoors might be the best approach Sealing all windows and doors could help keep toxic fumes from infiltrating.” Not sure that really reassures anybody.

Second quote: “Most people in Lac St. Louis riding live within one kilometre of a rail line. That was the blast zone in Lac Mégantic. Styrene is an explosive. We could have a major disaster on our hands if this is not better regulated. The company is following the regulations, but the regulations don’t go far enough.

It’s worrying – can the incoming council provide meaningful reassurance and guidance?


This is what styrene does when a tanker explodes ( note what happens at the 1:25 timepoint):

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