Tax Increases

As everyone will be well aware by now, the tax due from our town to be paid to the Agglomeration has increased by almost three times inflation this year.

Our Mayor has sent the following letter to the Mayor and President of the Agglomeration of Montreal, Valérie Plante requesting that the Montreal/Agglomeration budget be revised.

Click the following link to download a copy and then come to the council meeting on Monday evening to ask your questions.

Letter to Mayor Plante-budget-2018


2 thoughts on “Tax Increases”

  1. I would expect no less from the Mayor of our town! What I would like to know is if the increase is above the credit the town was to receive due to the error that Ste. Anne had discovered, if so the increase is far greater that 5.7%…

    1. The “official” answer to this increase from Plante’s office is that the residential taxes are – as promised in her election platform – in line with inflation. The rest of the increase comes from the costs of water and other things charged separately which just cost more this year. Hmmm ?

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