“When they go low, we go high”

Citizen Marat here … I’m the other town observer using a pseudonym in case we have not met before. Unlike the gentleman operating under the nom-de-guerre of “Tom Payne” I do not have a Facebook account and so have asked the admins on the Our Town facebook page if they would, please, share the following observations.

rights-and-democracy-smallMr Payne – I have learned that you have resorted to taking the election discussions on the Facebook group somewhat downmarket by posting a clandestinely taken photograph of Mr Brian Manning and Dr Richard Gregson talking outside the house of Candidate Peter Fletcher and thereby making assumptions and laying implications before the good voters of this town about what might or might not have been going on in full view of the public.

Well, I am shocked! Shocked I tell you, to learn that friends and neighbours might be talking to each other about matters of mutual interest. What has the world come to when democracy has sunk so low that any of us might think of passing the time of day with each other during an election campaign. Heavens above, before we know it the supporters and friends of Mrs Tutino’s campaign will be gathering together and sharing ideas also – possibly even planning some campaign strategies.

Whatever next? But wait, here I have a photograph (not taken by me) of cars parked outside the house of Candidate Phelps in the past few days that – I am reliably told – include those of the head of the VCOPS and the head of the Auxiliary Coast Guard. Could they possibly be colluding to find ways to improve their friends chances of being elected. Would they (we can make inference and assumptions also) possibly go forth and suggest to their friends that they might vote for their chosen and preferred candidates. I do hope though that they will not use their positions to unduly influence team members in their (town supported) organisations – you can wear two hats, I often do, but not at the same time.

Well, good for them say I. A robust and well fought campaign between well informed candidates offering a range of disparate ideas for the general betterment of our town is a GOOD THING. The independents don’t have all the answers, l’Équipe don’t have all the answers, but somewhere between them I trust and hope that the intelligent electors of Baie-D’Urfé will put together a council that will work for all of us in the next four years – and do so openly and fairly and without favour. If, god forbid, they have to meet with friends to do so then good for them.

For what it’s worth, and should anyone be interested, Citizen Marat is currently analyzing the published platforms of the various candidates in the election and will in due course be publishing his personal “recommendations” for an effective council. I don’t know if Mr Payne is a candidate, but if so then he will not feature on the list of chosen names 🙂 If he is not then I trust his handlers will shorten his leash somewhat.

Can we now, please, get back to some real issues and start discussing policy options rather than casting slanderous aspersions and snide insinuations at those who support candidates others than yours, Mr Payne?

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